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The Why 

ONE… Online course⠀
TWO… Modules: Learn to Meditate & Learn to Life Design⠀
THREE…. Perspectives: 

The Who of You? ⠀
The What of Now? ⠀
The How of Better? ⠀

It’s time to take back our power, learn to better our relationships with ourselves and become part of an international alumni of WELLbeings. This is not a pre-recorded course, this is LIVE, interactive and designed to make impactful, sustainable, positive change. ⠀

Let’s meet, commit, support and show up for ourselves in pursuit of better!!! ⠀
6x weeks for the full course, 3x weeks for one module. Free ongoing monthly meet up when we are done for all – this is true community. This live online offering is a marriage of Yoga Philosophy, Vedic Meditation and Life Coaching cooked up in fun, accessible to all format.⠀

This is a new approach to the new, now. It’s time! ⠀

Module 1: A meditation course (not class) that will give you the knowledge and tools for a permanent independent practice! Finish confident in your ability to meditate and excited to embark on this lifelong lifeline.

Module 2: A wellbeing management course. A structured, sustainable approach to creating tiny transformations to your daily life in order to create positive change. Observation, assessment, awareness, intention…

Following the course you will be warmly welcomed into the ‘Meditate with Moons’ community and invited to complimentary monthly gathers ongoing each month. Always supported, helping you integrate this life changing practice into your life, day by day. Beginners welcome. Harmonise, re-align, re-calibrate and learn to simply be a human BEing!

Our current course is BOOKED OUT. The next course is starting March 23rd – all details below when you click through or see the meditation website page. If you have any questions at all, simply email  

.Breathe. Grow. Live. Yoga.

Yoga Classes

Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle transformation – which takes committed practice.

All courses and sessions provide excellent opportunities to move your body and harmonise body/mind/breath. What separates our offering apart from most is that we truly encourage an embodiment of the practice & strive to create a holistic approach to wellbeing that is adaptable to everybody. Every body is different and every body is different every day. We offer variations, support or progressions throughout all of our classes so be assured – we always facilitate an opportunity to take it at your own pace!

This is an inclusive and welcoming community that is built on small group, specialised offerings.

If there is a class you would like to see offered – tell us!

Slow Yoga Flow

A steady yoga practice will help build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and harmony. Each teacher will bring their own flavour to this offering but all will be based in Mindful Movement!

Yoga Strong

 A little spice but always approached in a slow mindful manner. Probably the only class on the schedule that is not beginner friendly. This one will always bring a playful smile and sometimes a sweaty challenge!

Mat Pilates

‘Pilates Precision. A carefully curated classical mat Pilates class, designed to strengthen, stabilise and support your other movement practices and your everyday life.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a deeply restorative style of yoga. Yin invites stillness of mind & body with gentle poses mostly floor based throughout. If you are looking for a deeply healing practice – you’ve found it!

Prenatal Flow Yoga

A strengthening & lengthening Yoga Flow specifically designed for expectant Mommas. Prepare your body & mind, take time to soak up the journey!

Mindful Strength

 This small group fitness class will combine many popular mind body training styles to enhance core strength, flexibility and total body conditioning. Mindful strengthening movement with awareness.

Sinead Mooney founder of Moons Yoga

About Me

Sinead Mooney (Moons!) the creator of Moons Yoga Loft is one of the country’s most celebrated Wellbeing Facilitators. She is a Meditation/Wellbeing Coach, Yoga Teacher, Lululemon Ambassador, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Her partnership with TDactive sees her facilitate/ curate 4* Wellbeing holidays internationally and here in Ireland, her home base is Moons Yoga Loft – a boutique Studio space in Blackrock, Dublin.   

Focused on mindful movement and meditation her main objective to simply help people cultivate better relationships with themselves in order to maximise their enjoyment of this lived experience! She is one busy… but mindful Mná.

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Relax & Rejuvenate with us On our yoga holidays.

MOONS X TDactive

Croatia Yoga Holiday

5 Night Escapes…

Available Dates:

May 12th

September 1st

Sri Lanka Yoga Holiday

11 Night Escapes…

Available Dates:

November 16th 

The Algarve Yoga Holiday

3 Night Escapes…

Available Dates:

May 5th

Oct 13th

2022 is looking exciting ..

Dates above. Details below. 

We know how important it is mind ourselves every now and then and our Yoga Holidays are the perfect escape form the everyday hustle and bustle. 4* Hotels, flights, transfers, delicious meals and nourishing yoga – the perfect package!

individual or small group tailored classes

private yoga sessions

Often confidence is a huge barrier for people when they think about attending a public yoga class. Sometimes a private session or series of oneONone meet ups are all you need to build a strong foundation and spark that curiosity to maintain this transformative practice. Individually tailored, exclusively designed by your choice of teacher – these precious moments in our serene space are the greatest gift of time, that you could ever give yourself. 

Alternatively we often have couples, families or groups of friends who want to take some time together, catch up or simply have the space exclusively for their own use. Drop us a line and we can curate the special experience you require/desire!





In a world of over flexion, hunched over keyboard living – rolling out your back body over a moon will feel like a delicious glass of water when you’re parched!

Like scaffolding for your body, helping you to explore/expand it’s ranges of movement in a safe, accessible way! Introducing the Huku x Moons mobility and yoga wheel, created in collaboration with HuKu Balance. Designed for deep stretching and posture perfection. The perfect antidote to a world too focused in flexion.

Explore the different sizes available! Supplied with a beautiful stand to display, remember. enjoy!