Moons Yoga Loft



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Before there was an ‘us’, there was me; Moons… Sinéad Mooney to be precise. I moved home from Australia after 6 years, bought a house in an area I loved, and dreamed of someday having a studio space in my community that would truly embody the essence of Yoga that I have come to love, & live.

Having experienced the profound effects of Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation during high/low points in my life, I wanted to create a space where myself & the other teachers could truly hold space for people to explore their own state of being. It is not about smashing out a personal best or ticking a box on your to-do list for the week – Moons Yoga Loft is an boutique urban retreat where every shape, size and age is welcomed warmly to come home to themselves. At the Loft, our ethos is about nourishment not punishment, choosing classes that suit you on a particular day and within the class – choosing what movement/breathwork suits you on that particular day.

Clean white bright and welcoming, providing thousands of smiles to people each time they rise up those stairs to our sacred space. It sits above the most delicious cafe Fable & Stey where manys a Loftie can be seen sharing a chat as they order their after class coffee and the universe was listening because I not only came upon a beautiful sunlit studio space but one that sits on a road that leads to the sea! Carefully choose a class that suits your body today (because everybody is different every day) and then simply observe the shift that occurs when you bring an acute awareness to the body/mind & breath. Expand your awareness, soothe your soul, connect and most importantly be…at Moons Yoga Loft.

Moons Yoga Loft
24A Newtown Park (Orchard Lane), Newtownpark, Dublin, A94 TP03