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MOONS yoga

With a nickname Moons, which comes from her maiden name Mooney, MOONSyoga (Sinéad Mooney) has been working in the wellbeing industry for over a decade. She is a Certified Meditation Trainer, Senior Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Guest Speaker and Studio Owner. After spending 6years soaking up the Australian wellness industry with a heartfelt passion to help build Ireland’s growing Wellbeing culture back home she has since; won awards for her teaching, been asked to be one of the countries Lululemon Ambassadors and has her own thriving Boutique Studio in Blackrock; Moons Yoga Loft – which is focused on Mindful Movement & Meditation.

With a solid team of teachers/ trainers on her team and a long list of Corporate Clients around Ireland. She also runs Yoga Teacher Trainings, online Meditation Courses, Life Design Coaching – not to mention international trips to teach/speak at festivals/events near and far. She has a Yoga Holiday business with @TDactive which takes the offerings to Croatia, Madeira and Portugal. She has just been announce as Wellbeing Ambassador for Carton House Fairmont and has lots of exciting escape experiences lined up at this 5* wonderland. Yes – she is one busy… but mindful mná.

Her Why? After over 10years working in Advertising as a TV Producer whilst studying and training on the side, she left the crazy world of deadlines to help equip others with the tools needed to thrive in this challenging world. Having overcome a lengthily eating disorder, family trauma and major upheaval in her life, she is passionate about helping others equip themselves with coping mechanisms for modern life’s intensity. With over a decades experience in Yoga & Meditation which spans; Vinyasa/Hatha, Prenatal, Multiple types of Meditation/Mindfulness, this lady is constantly undergoing new trainings to keep abreast of the ever improving psychological/physiological research emerging in the area off Wellbeing. Her thirst for knowledge comes from a desire to marry the most internationally renowned  teachings with ancient philosophy but always facilitated in a modern, accessible offering. 

With an accessible, light, fluid, gratitude focused approach to her classes… expect to move, connect, breath and most definitely…smile!

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