Life Coaching

Supporting you to live life…on purpose.  

At its essence, coaching is based upon the truth that YOU are the expert of your own life. (You are by the way, it’s true!).

I support you to support yourself. Often the fullness of the life happening outside of you (and all of the external influence in our modern world) can create so much noise that you simply can’t hear yourself think or… feel. The result? Feelings of apathy, languishing, fear, agitation, adrift, anxiety, trial and error living or simply coasting along. Perfectly normal… but I am ready to help you empower yourself out of the noise and into a crystal clear signal from that inner radar. Flow State.

The unique offering of coaching I facilitate is underpinned with meditation/mindfulness techniques acquired over a decade of working with and teaching people in the wellbeing space. The key to any successful self development pathway is bettering our relationships, with ourselves.  I help you mine down to your truth. With that truth, we can then work together to create a clear path to better. Whatever better looks and feels like to you, in your life. It’s exciting and the best project you will ever embark on!

In short – it’s soulful, strategic, results driven and fully focused on moving forward towards better! The best better, for you.


WHAT does a coaching programme look like? It differs from person to person and can be either in person at our coaching clinic in Blackrock or online (we aim to make these sessions as easy to incorporate into your life as possible!). After our discovery call we discuss what format might suit you – in person at MYL or online, and from there we book an initial clarity session. Most of the time clients benefit from committing to a package of 5x sessions which includes the initial clarity session and we set off on a journey together. Sometimes sessions are weekly but mostly – we navigate different timeframes between sessions to allow for actioning of our plans. This results in a beautifully long period of support as you navigate and implement positive change throughout your life!

Interested in combining your coaching journey with meditation? How? By either simply enjoying a brief relaxing guided meditation space at the start/end of your more practical goal focused coaching session or…by undertaking an online ‘learn to meditate’ course alongside your coaching path. Both instances will result in some guidance by me towards cultivating the support of an independent meditation practice outside of your coaching sessions. Why? Both practices require non-judgment, friendly curiosity, empathy, presence, space-holding, and trusting one’s intuition. We all know, we all have a deeper level of understanding that goes beyond the busy thinking mind.

I’m excited to hold space for you, to help you explore and realise your fullest potential…

The WHO of you?                                                                                                            The WHAT of now?                                                                                          The HOW of better?

Love, Moons x


Simply pop us a line below for more information or to schedule a free no commitment (either side) chemistry call…

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My Why…My Definition of Coaching…


For over a decade I have worked in the wellbeing space. It began primarily in movement through Yoga asana (the exercise type depiction we mostly see in the mainstream) and then it progressed to the more introspective still practices of meditation. Both practices and everything I have integrated from these ancient wisdom traditions have been primarily focused around the importance of awareness and cultivating greater self-awareness. Initially on the gross physical level of awareness, and then journeying deeper to inquire about the unique human spirit inside. We all possess and incredible amount of natural intelligence and inner knowing but due to societal conditioning (and many other modern day influencers) we ignore that intuitive wisdom until we lose connection to it. Then, lost in a sea of ‘shoulds’ and external noise we feel adrift, stuck and powerless. I was to give people back their power.


Coaching was on my wish list for many years because as I successfully honed my craft in helping people connect in, I realised I needed a framework for which to use that wonderful knowledge to help people then move forward in there lives. I really see the spiritual practices of Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation as a precursor or in tandem component to coaching. It’s very easy for someone to come to coaching and start working towards a goal but… if they are unable to truthfully connect inwards, then the legitimacy of their goals might not be relevant to them, the individual.


I see the role of Coach as someone who is simply there to help/guide/support people to access their inner knowing, their abundance of natural intelligence and their deep intuitive wisdom. From this people begin to have a clearer connection to who they really are and then… what they, the individual needs to step forward into their fullest potential. I want to work together with my clients in a true partnership and I will give them the support and space the need to navigate the pathway back home to themselves – where all their individual answers lie. Once we have clarity and answers – it’s easy to build a strategic pathway towards positive shift and overall greater life fulfilment!