Learn to Meditate


over a relaxing, inspiring and perspective shifting 3x evening online course in JUNE 

come join me for a transformational journey and become a part of our international community!

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I believe that empowering people with this practice is key. Training people to meditate so that they have easy access to this practice to use independently when they need it most. The world is overwhelming, challenging, fast and busy. Time and accessibility are often the barriers to people cultivating a long term practice, which is why educating people, helping them integrate this knowledge – gives them the tools to best utilise. No dependancy on apps, classes, attending a location, this course will gift you the transformative tools of this ancient wisdom practice to have to hand – any time, any where. True support.
Feeling daily intense stress responses? Anxiety and overwhelm beginning to affect your life? Aquiring methods to alleviate these symptoms of modern life during this course are a given, but the real magic lies in the awareness, the deep intuitive strength/clarity/peace that we uncover along the way 
Learn to Meditate involves just 3x LIVE evenings of training (7.30-9pm) along with a pre-course, pre-recorded introductory talk which will completely equip you with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to meditate – anywhere, anytime, ongoing. This experiential approach will allow for ample Q&A to ensure you finish feeling fully confident in your ability to develop this transformative life long habit. Join a community that now boasts over 100 students from Ireland, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden to name but a few. This course is hosted live online with limited numbers to ensure everyone is seen, heard and guided carefully to embody this wisdom. You are provided guides for your support but which will not be required following the course completeion. What is also truly unique is the ongoing support; anyone who has completed any of Moons’ meditation trainings is invited each and every month to an online gathering of the community. Meditate, ask questions – a true way to help integrate and maintain this transformative practice.
If you would like more in-depth information about this course, a chat or help with booking, then please just drop us a line for the course outline (or/and to receive our Learn to Meditate pre-course lecture video);



NEXT COURSE… Learn to Meditate JUNE 18th/19th and 26th

7.30pm – 9pm Each evening online in the comfort of your own home.

Investment: €149 with free ongoing support and a monthly meditation meet up.

Integration of knowledge, confidence cultivation and daily ritual retention are paramount!



Prior to doing the course, meditation appealed to me but it was always something I aspired to. Now I feel it is a necessary part of my day and it has become my routine. I knew I would enjoy the course before starting but I hadn’t realised how much it would change my life in such a positive way.

I absolutely loved the course from start to finish, every element.
Even the slides, layout etc were all engaging and interesting.
The foundation of the material we were provided made the application of it so much easier.
So many lightbulb moments!!!

Its the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.
I can’t thank you enough Sinéad!

I’m not kidding when I say, this course changed my life!

I found Sineads knowledge inspiring and was genuinely impressed with how she shared so much of it with us. She was grounded and approachable as well as giving a supportive nudge when needed. This course is possibly the best investment you will ever make in yourself and I’m so grateful I did it.



Learn to Life Design will be hosted in Oct/Nov, in line with that end of year reflective vibe time. Please note the last session booked out and people were sadly unable to attend, as we do cap this to benefit the experience for you all. Just a FYI!

This course is facilitated by Sinéad Mooney, certified Meditation Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach with over a decade’s experience teaching, speaking and training in the Wellbeing space internationally.


Learn to Meditate

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A little about Moons…

Meditation Instructor, Life Design Coach, Yoga Teacher, Wellbeing Facilitator and Studio Owner – Moons has been working in the wellbeing space in Ireland and abroad for over a decade. She is based at her Studio in Blackrock but runs her Yoga Holidays across Europe and also facilitates her Learn to Meditate Courses and Life Coaching online to a wide international community. A regular on the corporate and festival circuit – she brings a wealth of experience to every class/talk/session/training/workshop she hosts.

Although she is extremely serious about the power of these wonderful ancient wisdom traditions – she brings a modern, accessible and playful approach to everything she does. She really makes these transformative tools fun and accessible for everyone. Her primary aim is to empower and inspire people to integrate these practices themselves, intuitively, to best support  their unique navigation of this lived experience!

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For a private online course or corporate facilitation packages or to chat through any of the above in further detail, please contact me directly via moonsyoga@gmail.com



  • This technique is taught online via zoom video conferencing over 3 consecutive days.

  • Group sessions. Private courses are also available.

  • Prior to commencement you will be provided with a 30′ pre-course introductory lecture.

  • The course consists of 3 x 90 minute sessions which will be held in the early evenings (before dinner).

  • There will be home practice & review assignments in-between sessions.

  • This course aims to support you in learning and maintaining an independent home practice going forward.

  • Ongoing support will be there for you, should you falter in maintaining your healthy daily habit!



  • The ability, the knowledge and the tools to meditate independently anytime, anywhere.

  • Upon completion, there will be a 60 day challenge & free monthly meditation meet for all MY alumni.

  • Finishing the course you will be confidently, completely self sufficient in your own practice with a rich understanding of – why.

  • You will leave the course having experienced and embodied the concepts of why your daily practice is essential in the maintenance of wellbeing, this why will support the how of your regular home practice.

  • Ongoing support will be there for you, should you falter in maintaining your healthy daily habit!



  • How to meditate. Why we meditate. How to overcome the challenges of meditation. How to create a practice.

  • There are many types of meditation techniques available, each have the same purpose – to expand awareness.

  • The technique that I will be teaching you, is one of the easiest entry points to meditation as it delivers you an effortless method that allows you to gain deep rest and recovery whilst improving your self awareness. 

  • The refined methodology I practice & teach is the 1 Giant Mind Being meditation technique. This ‘being’ technique, enables you to go beyond the overactive mind and into your purest state of self awareness.

  • Similarly to another meditation technique TM, it is practiced once or twice a day for 20 mins and can be practiced anywhere, it’s an accessible, easily comprehendible, tool for life.

  • The technique requires no control or focus, it places emphasis on being effortless which is why unlike having to rely on guided supports or having to maintain a focus on ‘doing’ a meditation – it’s easily accessible to all. 

  • Learn to simply, be.

  • During the course you are taught through a combination of experiential guided learnings, home practice experiences which then expanding over the course into a deeper dive about the functions of the mind, what stress is, what being means, with lots of time for Q&A.