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simply be – rest/ restore/ recharge

This weekly drop-in club is a 45 taster for those of you interested in joining an upcoming meditation course or for anyone wanting to simply take a breath in your week.

Make time to take time.

Come, sit/lie whichever you prefer and taste the sweetness of simply allowing your body and mind to rest in meditation. Each week will begin with a short mindful introspective theme discussion before practicing together. Never be nervous or intimated by a meditation practice because all it is, is returning to our natural most inherent state, simply being…..in a world that keeps us constantly doing.



strong warrior mommas to be

A strengthening & lengthening Yoga Flow specifically designed for expectant mommas! Building endurance, coping with anxieties and methods of how to relax through challenging sensations – are all things you will garner through practicing yoga in pregnancy. But, what a lot of our prenatal clients find most empowering is the process of strengthening themselves through yoga alongside other women who are experiencing the same wonderful journey. As the name suggests this is an open class, open to all to join in this hip opening/breathwork focused class. We just couldn’t turn people away who wanted to join in the magic!



yin for the win…

Yin yoga is a restorative style of yoga. Yin invites stillness of mind & body with gentle poses that stretch the connective tissues of the body facilitating the release of muscle. Yin helps to soothe/relax the nervous system and prepares the mind/body for stillness and insight. Yin aims to increase flexibility in the low back, hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders. A wonderful, detoxifying class which is a treat for beginner & all levels alike. The class features easy postures, the use of props, gentle meditative exercises, and relaxed breathing. Although is open to beginners and is a restorative class, it can bring up some pretty strong sensations .



play with your edges or simply observe where they are…

This more challenging class allows for a deeper exploration of bodies capabilities. Deeper holds with deeper sensations, more complex balancing poses and transitions will elevate your asana practice. More considered movement and a deeper connection to breath will ensure a greater sense of self-awareness, balance, harmony & maintain focus on the purpose of each pose. Ensuring the integrity of each pose stays intact, you will be then offered complimentary variations that will explore range of motion and increase strength/ ease off. Although not suitable for beginners like all classes, it’s purpose it to nourish so rest when needed.

We always encourage you to try out different teachers as each brings their own focus, specialty & unique approach to this wonderful practice.



come for the sweet slow movements… hold for the strong sensations…

Allowing the awareness that time brings to a practice, these classes are perfect for someone who loves our Slow Yoga Flow but wants a little extra spice sprinkled throughout! Someone looking to precisely refine their practice. Moving a little more fluidly than the Slow Class offers us a choice to either intensify or soften our practice (hence the specific use of the word ‘potentially’ above!). Working through a varied sequence designed to awaken and lengthen major muscle groups, each class will challenge & nourish the body & mind.

We always encourage you to try out different teachers as each brings their own focus, specialty & unique approach to this wonderful practice.



accessible uplifting & nourishing

A steady yoga practice will help build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and inner harmony. This class is perfect for beginners and regular lovers of Yoga, alike. Each class will introduce & explore yoga poses in depth, breaking down the fundamentals of healthy and safe alignment, and how to connect poses & breath to build into a moving meditation. Accessible to all ages, shapes, and sizes this rewarding class will introduce you to the power of Yoga. All classes conclude with blissful relaxation and perfectly prepare you to move into one of our regular flow classes if you want to dive deeper.

We always encourage you to try out different teachers as each brings their own focus, specialty & unique approach to this wonderful practice.