Weekly Classes/ Courses/ Workshops

What’s on or coming up at MYL…



10am Monday Mid-Mornings:

Monday Morning @ Moons with Andi. Prepare your body & mind for the day ahead with a yoga flow suitable for all. Running up to xmas and back on Jan 8th Qs: yogandi@outlook.ie BOOK HERE

6.30pm Monday Evenings: 

A relaxing Slow Yoga Flow with Annie O’Connor. Moving at a slower pace to allow you to connect with body and breath as you create space mentally and physically and build a bit of strength along the way. Drop in space currently – next course starting Jan 22nd! Qs: annieocyoga@gmail.com BOOK HERE

7.45pm Monday Evenings: 

Yin & Journaling with Annie O’Connor. 7.45pm – 9pm. Yin Yoga is a practice that works deep into the body, promoting flexibility and healthy joints. It also helps to cultivate self-awareness and connection. Journaling is a powerful tool of reflection, a practice to develop self-knowledge, understanding our thoughts, behaviour, and clarifying our needs. These practices are powerful tools that complement each other brilliantly.  Drop in space currently – next course starting Jan 22nd! Qs: annieocyoga@gmail.com BOOK HERE


9.30am Tuesday Mornings:

Hatha flow level 1 with Dani Sheil. Gentle class incorporating asanas, pranayama and meditation. Starting Jan 9th! Qs: danisheilyoga@gmail.com BOOK

11am Tuesday Mid-Mornings 90min: **NEW**

Iyengar various class pack options with Annette. BOOK with Annette directly annettecahill@gmail.com

6.45pm Tuesday Evenings: 

Slow Flow for stress relief and strength – beginner friendly with Emily Cramp. A 6 week introduction to the power (and joy!) of yoga. Qs or drop ins: emilycrampj@gmail.com https://www.eventbrite.ie/o/emily-cramp-52030712203 BOOK HERE

8pm Tuesday Evenings:

Yoga for Physical & Mental Health with Emily each week! Qs or drop ins: emilycrampj@gmail.com BOOK HERE


9.30am Wednesday Mid-Mornings 90min:

Iyengar 6x week courses with Annette. BOOK with Annette directly annettecahill@gmail.com

Wednesday Evenings: Prenatal reduced to one time offering for the next few weeks – contact Sarah about space available:

7.45pm Prenatal Yoga with Sarah Foley

Sarah is an experienced yoga teacher working in all areas of yoga but with particular interest in women’s health. Being a busy mum of 3 children each of her birth experiences were very different and wonderful in their own way. ‘Yoga however was the common thread throughout each of my pregnancies which became a truly fantastic part of my pregnancy, labour and beyond. My classes offer mums to be the tools and tips along with the movement and calm that I loved each week when I was pregnant. I like to create a safe space and community for each mother to enjoy and relax during the class’.  Q’s to pearlyogaireland@gmail.com or BOOK HERE



9.30am Tuesday Mornings: 


Vinyasa Level 2 with Dani Sheil. Flow class incorporating asanas, pranayama and meditation. Starting Jan 11th! Qs: danisheilyoga@gmail.com BOOK https://danisheil.com/

10.45am Tuesday Mornings:


Gentle Flow level 1 with Dani Sheil. Quiet the nervous system and balance the vagus nerve with pranayama, movement and relaxation. Starting Jan 11th! Qs: danisheilyoga@gmail.com BOOK https://danisheil.com/

7.45pm Thursday Evenings  **NEW** Slow Flow Yoga for sleep with Gilly Bow

Each practice  an opportunity to leave all judgment aside and to shine a little bit of love and gratitude to ourselves. To celebrate the wonderful person that is on the mat and the movements our bodies allows us to create. A main focus within each class would be to reconnect within to find the breath and gently combine it to flowing movements. A chance to press pause on the world outside for a short time and to settle into the safety of your practice, of your body and your mind, We will start each class of slowly and then begin to gradually flow into some more energising poses to bring a little heat throughout the body and then slowly settle into more softer poses relaxing the body for sleep. Qs: gilly.bow.yoga@gmail.com or more info HERE


9.30am Friday: 

The Connected Flow; Slow & Optional Strong with Emily Cramp. A joyous round off to the week, an opportunity to reset – a combination of breath, movement, connection & reflection. This end of week check in will leave the nervous system at ease, body energised and mind refreshed for the weekend. Available in blocks of 4, or email Emily for drop in emilycrampj@gmail.com BOOK HERE



9am Saturday Mornings: 

Soulful Saturday Vinyasa with Jessica Avelar

This class will focus on mindfulness and embodiment within your practice – focusing on adjusting the poses to our unique bodies, how they feel to each our bodies in a way that is beneficial. Building strength at our own pace, connecting body and mind with mindful movement and breath. A soulful embodiment! Qs: themindfulchickpea@gmail.com. Investment at a discounted price a 6wk Block for €96 or drop-in at €18 BOOK HERE



Sunday JOY usually comes in the form of trainings, Sound Baths, Women’s Circles etc



SOUND BATH – Book HERE  Feb – March and April dates now live to book!!! @4pm-5.30pm

* NEW MOON WORKSHOPS – with Sorcha, Saturday mornings each month Book HERE

Breathe. Grow. Live. Yoga.

Yoga Classes Styles

Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle transformation – which takes committed practice to cultivate greater awareness of both the body and mind. A loving approach to creating more harmony and flow on… and off the mat!

At Moonsyoga all courses and sessions provide excellent opportunities to move your body and harmonise body/mind/breath or, to settle the body to explore the mind. What separates our offering apart from most is that we truly encourage an embodiment of the practice & strive to create a holistic approach to wellbeing that is adaptable to everybody.

This is an inclusive and welcoming community that is built on small group, specialised offerings. If there is a class you would like to see offered – tell us!

The Slow Yoga Flow

A steady slow intentional yoga practice that will help build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and harmony. Each teacher will bring their own flavour to this offering but all will be based in Mindful Movement!

The Fluid Flow

A little spice but a Vinyasa class always approached in a mindful manner. Probably the only class on the schedule that is not beginner friendly. This one will always bring a playful smile and sometimes a sweaty challenge!

The Wake Up

Our 7am Morning Magic. Slowly awaken the body and mind by relishing in some releasing movement. Harness the breath & our awareness preparing us to welcome the day. 50mins accessible & early!

The Yin & Sound Session

Yin yoga is a deeply restorative style of yoga. Yin invites stillness of mind & body with gentle poses mostly floor based throughout. If you are looking for a deeply healing practice – you’ve found it! This one finishes with a magical sound bath savasana!

The Momma to Be

A strengthening & lengthening Yoga Flow specifically designed for expectant Mommas. Carefully curated with your transforming body in mind and delivered by a specifically trained prenatal teacher. Prepare your body & mind, take time to soak up the journey and simply BE for an hour each week!

The Rebalance

This 10am midweek Wednesday morning class will combine many powerful mind/ body yoga technique to enhance strength, flexibility and harmony to both… the body and mind. A beautiful way to carve out a mid-week moment for yourself and possibly hit the reset button too, if needed!